Sunday, October 3, 2010


Life is beautiful. I have Joe Strummer hanging in the living room, my bulldog on my lap, an entire room for clothes, and my boyfriend let me draw pentacles at both entrances of the house. I'm teaching myself piano and making pop music with a hardcore-drummer..I'm going to sample Dragula. Around my neck, I wear a deer bone my shaman-exboyfriend and his cat-in-a-past-life wife gave me. With the help of Chinese medicine, I'm clearing my allergies..this vegetarian can now eat apples and peaches and strawberries! REJOICE!
And I've decided to ressurrect the blog that was barely breathing in the first place.

Back in January I worked with Willy at VinylandVodka and did makeup and styling for the Valentines issue.
This was my favorite shot. I made it on paint. Don't be jealous.

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